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What is your strength and weakness? 1

mozuqi | 07.19 |

I think most people will have a difficult in answering the question above, especially for personal weakness. Why? Because sometimes we are difficult to acknowledge our weakness. Well, I felt that conditions when asked what is my strengths and weaknesses. A few weeks ago, this question appears on the youth exchanges selection that I follow. Obviously it's difficult to answer this question and I need my girlfriend's help to explore more my strength and weakness.

Here are my strength and weakness.

My Strength:
  • Creative          : I have great imagination and sometimes give a breakthrough innovation
  • Responsible    : I am always ready to accept the consequences from what I do
  • Open minded  :  I’m willing to receive any new information, process, or knowledge.
  • Persistent        :  When I have an objective, I’m persistent to reach that, whatever it takes.
  • Focus              :  if I'm doing something important, I always focus with it. I have a principle that focus can not be divided, but time can.
My Weakness:
  • Student syndrome : Sometimes I put something to do until the last minutes (deadline).
  • Intuitive Thinking    : When taking a decision, sometimes I lose my logic thinking and follow my intuition only
  • Insensitive  : When my friend express something implicitly, sometimes I didn’t recognize it.
  • Careless     : When I’m walking, I often stumble because I didn’t pay attention to the road.
  • Hard Starter: I often have many idea or concept in my mind, but I rarely take an action to start and realize it.
Yeah, that's my strength and weakness. At the interview session, the interviewer asked me to proof my strength, especially for the 'creative' and 'open minded' one. They gave me a hammer, yes a hammer, and then asked me, "You think you are creative, what will you do with that?". And for the 'open minded' one, they asked me, "You are open-minded, how if you meet lesbian, gay, bisex, or transgender (LGBT) people? What's your opinion with the LGBT?". Hahaa, what a question, and I answered it all spontaneously and I think I give a good diplomatic answer, hehe.

By the way, this is my first post in English. My English is poor, hahaa.

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